The Outdoor Factor, Conservation

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Who and What is The Outdoor Factor?

Well , we want to explain that producing the tv series is a vertical in which we share our mission of “The Outdoor Factor”

Our Mission is Below:

” We Hunt, We Fish, We Support Conservation. We Teach, We Encourage, We Increase Participation, Because What We Do Today, Makes an Impact for Tomorrow. We are The Outdoor Factor.”

A “factor” as we defined is an influence that contributes to a result.

We are an outdoor factor that supports conservation through hunting and fishing. Through supporting conservation through hunting and fishing, we are able to make an impact that will help to protect and preserve our resources and wildlife for future generations so that our children and our childrens’ children can enjoy the great outdoors.

We are an outdoor factor that aims to educate about conservation efforts by using our voice, reach, and influencing capabilities to help others learn more, with efforts to encourage others to get involved and increase participation in hunting, fishing, and conservation efforts. We love the great outdoors. We understand that working towards results for tomorrow, begins with actions of today.

We are The Outdoor Factor, and we believe that you too can be The Outdoor Factor if you choose to be!

We encourage everyone to take action to make an impact for tomorrow!



The Outdoor Factor TV is a tv series airing nationwide on the Pursuit Channel.

Our mission is to share our passions for the great outdoors, while making a positive impact for tomorrow.

We do this by creating content to engage others that features hunting and fishing to support conservation, while we entertain and educate others to encourage growth of participation in conservation efforts.

The Outdoor Factor is a a production of Sportsmens Media LLC  based out of Missouri, Veteran Owned and Operated.

The Pursuit Channel is available for viewing nationwide.

Tune in on Channel 604 on Direct TV and Channel 393 on Dish Network.