Preparing for the Early Season Hunt

Sawyer Permethrin

During early deer season, oftentimes the heat, humidity, and insects remain. At this time of year, in these weather conditions, a trick we use is spraying down the hunting blinds with #Permethrin Odorless#InsectRepellent by Sawyer Products .

The powerful long lasting formula , lasting 42 days when sprayed on gear, carries us through until the late season insect free.

Here, we have enlisted the service of our little helper to prepare for hunt.

He is helping, but he is also learning valuable knowledge, strategies, and techniques to help him be more #successful in the field while staying protected from mosquitos and ticks! There are many great ways for us to get our youth involved, not just during the actual  hunt, but in the  preparation efforts as well. What we teach our children , is what they will practice as they grow.  Getting kids involved at a young age helps to grow their interest and passion for the outdoors. 

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