Supporting Conservation through Bowfishing


Supporting Conservation through Bowfishing

How Bowfishing Supports Conservation

In our local waters, there are invasive fish species, which are fish that are not native to the local waters, that create havoc on the eco-system through destroying the natural balance of how the elements of the environment work together with the native living organizations to create harmony and a sustainable environment. You can remember easily or explain easily to kids by calling them the fish invaders!!

These invasive species fish, sometimes referred to as non-native fish, trash fish, and rough fish, just to name a few, can damage the eco-system/environment for the native fish.

The eco-system in a body of water is made up of the combination of the living organism in the water as well as the non living elements of the environment. The eco-system is how all the organisms and environmental elements work together to create harmony which provides a sustainable environment.

Invasive fish species in the local waters create havoc for the environment, and threaten the living organisms to include the native fish to live.

The invasive species can populate too quickly, and sometimes can start fertilizing the native fish eggs which can create hybrids. The invasive species can damage or diminish the resources in the waters that are needed for the native fish to thrive.

Because the delicate balance of how all organisms and elements work together in harmony is changed, this endangers the native fish and in some cases threatens extinction of the fish.

Oftentimes, the invasive species fish are in abundance, populating too fast, and destroying the environment, because of this, the state will list these fish as fish that can be taken while bowfishing. Helping to control and decrease populations of the invasive species fish , helps to save the resources in the waters, the elements of the environment and the native fish which in term helps to save the eco-system.

You can find information on invasive species fish for your state through your state DNR Website.

We have listed a page for your Fishing License State Links on our sister show Bowfishing TV website, this should be the same websites for collecting this information.